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What is the defining moment in the life a person that takes
him or her from ordinary to legendary?Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 6.26.47 PM.png

We all have our personal heroes, those men and women, boys and girls, living or dead who inspire us. We have their faces on our T-shirts, on our walls, and in our minds. Their stories give us hope for our own futures, and we want in some way to be like them.
Yet, our favorite legend wasn't always legendary! Regardless of who they are, where they're from, or what they have done that makes them exceptional, each of our legends started life as we did, small and vulnerable, our survival entirely dependent on the ones who cared for us during infancy.
At some point though, those legendary babies grew up, accomplished the impossible, and crossed over to a place inhabited by few mortals, and while their mortal bodies will one day die, their words and deeds will live forever!

Your Learning Task:
Think about those people you consider legendary. Who are they? What makes them legendary? Choose one of your personal legends to write about. In your writing you will argue why your legend deserves to be legendary.

In a three paragraph argument, you will introduce your legend and offer three reasons with supporting evidence that will convince your reader to agree with you.

Other Project Requirements:
  • Your legend must be a real person, living or dead.
  • Research your legend.
  • Identify and present from your research three clear, convincing reasons to support your argument. Back up each reason with specific evidence (Examples: statistics, facts, anecdotes, and quotes).
  • Include the following elements in your argument:
    • Title

    • Introduction with hook, lead and claim
    • Body with reasons and evidence
    • Conclusion with summary and clincher

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Mrs. Bestor's Argument: Sacagawea, an American Legend
(Note: This is still a work in progress!)

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