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To begin...
  1. Get your car.
  2. Find your partner.
  3. Photograph your car. Include a side view as well as a top view.
  4. Measure your car to get its dimensions using metric units. Include height (highest point), width of body, width of wheel base, length, and weight (in grams).
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Now what? Write your specs + your review...

When a new vehicle is designed and manufactured, important information about that vehicle is written and made public. This information is called the vehicle's "specs," which is short for "specifications." Basic specs include the make, model, year, trim and style of the car. See the specs for the 2013 Honda Accord below.

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In addition, specs may include vehicle type and category within type such as the examples below.

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Finally, specs will include vehicle size by category and actual dimensions (measurements), fuel type (no solar yet!), and the number of wheels the engine drives. Again, check out the examples below.
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In addition to the specs, you will REVIEW your car. That is, you will evaluate it for its efficacy (how well it worked). As you do this, think like a salesperson, and use your skills of persuasion to get your audience to show interest in your car.

As you begin to write about your car you will 1) analyze its "specs" or attributes and then 2) communicate those specs in writing using the Google Doc template below.

TEMPLATE--Solar Car Specs

Sample Specs

Some Domain Specific Terms You May Use (from your packet):
  • Friction
  • Speed/Velocity
  • Mass
  • Aerodynamic
  • Solar Energy/Power
  • Fuel Cell
  • Efficient
  • Electric Circuits
  • Energy Flow
  • Fuel Friendly
  • Energy Enhancement
  • Axel
  • Gear
  • Motor
  • Wheel
  • Potential Energy
  • Kinetic Energy
  • Waves

The following are tools for helping you write really great specs!

List of Automobile Modifiers (real car specs)

Vehicle Specs -- Crash Reconstruction