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Words of Wisdom
Some people say life is an amazing thing. Life is only amazing when you live it. Existing is not living. Life is short, but it’s actually the longest thing you will ever do. People will try to tear you up, shred you to pieces. But guess what, you’re laminated. In life, you’ll deal with happiness, loneliness, tragedy, and satisfaction. Not all at the same time, but periodically. People will come into your life and leave, some will stay. Friends are either a blessing or a lesson. Life is an obstacle course and you're just trying to find the finish line. If you have a problem, find a solution, because no one else is going to find it for you. Sure, there is going to be happiness too. You’ll have great memories with your friends. At some point you’ll be genuinely happy with your life. You will find the guy/girl of your dreams and fall in love but all of that comes in time. But always be yourself, because you is the thing people like most.

No Regrets
Have you ever thought “ wish I could do that “ or “ I want to do that”? Why do we say wish or want ? Why don’t we just change those wants into will or those wishes into reality? Are we scared of taking that risk or what people think? You know we only have this one shot, this one life, to do what we want, what you want. One day you will look back and wonder why you didn’t do that. You will have those regrets, those things where you wish you could go back to and you can’t. One day that bucket will get kicked and all the things inside go with it, those wishes and wants, those things you said you would do but didn’t. So why not change those wants into wills, those can’ts into cans, those dreams and wishes into reality . No regrets. So go to Disney because you didn’t get to as a kid even if you’re 68; go dance in the rain and let people stare but you just won’t care because to you they’re just not there; go skydiving ; do what you want. You have now. You have this one shot because in the blink of an eye it could all be gone . Life is a highway but there is no test drive. You have to do what you want because in just that one second it could be gone. That anger, that sadness, and sorrow will get to you and bite at you for the rest of your life. So just do it. Do what you want, because one day it will all be gone . So don't just follow your dreams; don't just chase them, catch them.

-Allison McCoy

De Druif
(The Grape)

The sour and pleasing look of the green grape draws Jason in. The thought of the squishy feel and snagging it off the vine. The empty spot in his stomach makes him want to eat it more. Then he remembered they're not his. As a thought came across his mind that he can eat just one and it will be fine makes him more anxious to snatch it off the vine. Then he stops. As a door smacks open and he can feel the rumble of the footsteps coming down the old wooden stairs, Jason start to panic as the noise comes closer. He hurries and snatches a grape off the vine and runs. As he reaches his house he pops the squishy grape in his mouth. He will never forget the sour taste of the small green grape. He wished he would have taken more…
external image -QstCSc6QvDbnkQ2bWjUQaf9Gc8qe8aagEIvXs6tqLed-2VlDjHTiyFEokO9MkdpOkI9Gj-1qZkJDj9U7HXAyFVBz3F8hFytfciCsbAO5PbXtc44yVnh9WWBfbmkF28-KwgBswes

by Anon

The squeaky, crinkly wrapper breaks the silence in the air. I hesitate before placing the so very desired candy in my mouth. It waters as I smell the faint sweet aroma of the smooth disc. The flavors hit my tongue and fill my mouth quickly. The minty cool taste helps me forget my regrets, my fears, and anything that comes after. I shift the mint around. Over my tongue. Under. Over. Under. As the peppermint dessert diminishes, my thoughts begin to also. The edges of the candy become sharp and threaten to slice my gums. I place it between my front teeth and hesitantly bite down. I swallow the four, miniscule pieces and allow myself to sit and accept the silence. The strong fresh taste lingers on my taste buds, like my thoughts will linger on my mind. -Anon

external image DtBXHutHPDtXnGf8UC7VB_hQQT5fA7MB1Zc37e8hw8U4KBHaopw6cn0g2fO-FoX_5-OcEmz0xJE8TCgCvwP2o48xwgfMh7B-7t1KyRaL5o8AIW1w0NY5etSTrFo-22QgViH_q3ox
ShotThe fight for your rightsThe stand in your historyTime suddenly stops

external image JWz-1PqogXM1fwbTUT3dEHysPZqBEKV_l62ewYBoq4leP2Omu0Ew6QOPXDXkm7tP1CgHzLruzDLdBVnqorse_CfxeGyyhydfJbnWzDpLtNiB11AIvMXQ--WPJpmVYCCHk_NBmG79EndingThe waste of your dayThe being of rambunctiousThen the sun dies

external image WIbpdLh6RUM7xx7kRAL6Offkp1Zvo1jjCE9w2YzQTlHyYwxRPtMPOQ4dn5K73HETBPPKu7RNzgPDNAmcgLFExV-3snbQ8THP4j_asNKjgjJeLnqAAy7jLV7AlZY4x_mwD-Q0in3E
Famous comfort zone
The place people call their own
Then is now no more
external image UIuyJiiQ_E4Nf5FwW530O2TN4N_sQ9dgiXE8l6KAW7TFTxSQ4tQGwLHxmOFla9i3V0g3ifEiKxcsdzovy1CdiznY4AfBh2C_jWeRIz_CMeB_n-e9LHOHHEzcJhNGWXp3bd27HIeS

SilenceSay it, you kill itYou hear the slightest of thingsCricket’s lovely songs
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The End
You know it’s coming
It appears as a surprise
Comes to everyone

external image k63foFg7a3ztqAAnBxtPDDY8xOgoT1t7qcNZQDw0pRX2aiv2T-JpgnXkcjNVjjGdNd2kc11RsNmQ0orMcshWZk8NAHreIRWhzId3WDvxxQw7xj2CGyt3Y3pFhq89NXlWykRGk8I3

--Haiku Set by Owen Conway

Writing about Myself

I wish that I did not have to do anything, not go to school or do chores. But sometimes it’s good because you can make new friends or earn money from doing chores. I like to do a lot of stuff with my friends like play football, kickball, baseball, and sometimes even basketball. Sometimes I like to watch movies or football games on the T.V. or on my tablet or phone. I play video games with my friends once in awhile but I also like to play with my dogs. I have lots of different qualities about myself that make me special.
by Anon

The squeaky loud noise
of the annoying, tiny dog
barking at nothingness.

Scratchy claws, thick fur
sharp teeth, and terrible breath.
Happily waiting.

Miniature chew toy,
playing with her massive friend.
Romping in the mud.

Small, tiny, fat claws
scratching at the brown door frame.
Wanting to come in.

The brown and white friend
Stumbling around the yard.
Fat as fat could be.

As winter arrives,
they sprint lively in the snow.
Leaping around like deer.

By Gillian Hall


by Anon

I’m writing about how people like to stereotype me, or make assumptions about who I am. Many people like to assume that I’m “Emo” or “Goth” just because I like to wear a different style of clothing or listen to heavier music.

To be honest, I couldn’t disagree more. Most assumptions made about me aren’t true at all. It can actually be quite annoying because people may treat me differently even though they have no idea about who I am or how I act. I feel that stereotyping is really only for weak-minded people that are too lazy to take the time to get to know someone and just use some sort of idiotic assumption so that they can try to put me in some sort of “category.”

A stereotype is simply a label, and stereotyping wouldn’t happen if we weren’t raised by a generation that likes to put labels on others. In a way, I’ve become numb to these assumptions because it happens so often. But every now and then, it gets to me, and it frustrates me because I think about how many other people have to go through the same treatment because they don’t fit in with the “popular kids.”I wouldn’t really call it bullying, as it’s more like a nuisance. It’s like a subtle headache that refuses to go away, but like most nuisances, we just have to find a way to get used to it, or learn to move on.

In a way, it’s almost a good thing because it’s sort of like a learning experience because it teaches us that not all people in life are going to like us or understand us. I’m not saying that people should have to go through it; I’m saying that if you are going through it, you should find a way to learn from it and try to better yourself.

by Anon

A Series Of Haikus
By: Maria Ciocan

Feed not the darkness,
but create a light,
that once shown, never dies

I hang on a vision,
peaceful words exchanged
a mere illusion

I loiter through a tunnel,
in a world black as night,
I see the coruscate light

A small reflection,
a million thoughts,
the spectacular unknown

by Anon

Sometimes life can have positives or negatives in it. For different people there's different kinds of lives. Sometimes it’s amazing (like being famous) or sometimes it can end up badly (like not having food or water or even shelter). My advice is to live life to the fullest whether it is positive or negative because life is a privilege to us humans and whether you decide to acknowledge it as a honest or terrible in your life that's up to you if you want it too be good or bad. Also, life is a battery, you have a limited amount of time before you run out of power. Finally, live life to your greatest and whether it is good or bad is up to you because this is your game (as in life), so you have the power to change what happens in it. For example, when I was playing football in the winter nobody thought I could do anything, but I proved them wrong by scoring 10 touchdowns that day. All I’m saying is don’t be afraid to just be yourself.

How to make them smile

Some people have extremely difficult lives, and the only ways to help those people is by finding ways to solve their problems, but if you can’t then just try being nice to them; show them they belong; show them they actually mean something; listen when they have something they want to say. Don’t pretend that you have problems even though you really don’t, but at the same time don’t constantly remind them how much worse their life is or try to make them feel bad by exaggerating how “horrible” your life is . If you have an imperfect life, it’s not as easy to stay strong and happy as people think. You can’t just think to yourself, “My life sucks but I can find a way to smile anyways and nobody needs to know that I need help.”It’s practically impossible to feel joyful when you feel like your life is horrible, and when people say, “Well, at least you have a roof to sleep under and food to eat” or “My life is worse because .” It just makes you feel more miserable and you begin to feel afraid to talk to anyone about it.

Sometimes you will find a place with supportive people who will help you with your fight through life and you will have their back as well, but not everyone can find that place. Sometimes their family doesn’t accept them for who they are, or people get bullied for being strange in any way. For some people, life is finding a needle in a stack of hay, but for others, it’s finding the piece of hay in a stack of needles. At least try to be a friend to help pull them out of sadness or depression, and those who just don’t have enough common sense to know “this is wrong” and make the world at least a little bit happier. Be there for someone, and at least have the patience to listen to their problems. If they like certain people, let them like those people. If they don’t like who they are and want to change, let them do it. Life is a fire and people burn out in a lot of different ways. Don’t help burn out those fires.

By Anon.

The Green Grape

She walked home after a long, tiring day of school. She came home to find her favorite snack on the kitchen table, green grapes. Along with the grapes her mom wrote her a special note. The note said, “I’m going to be working really late tonight. Hope you had a good day at school. Love you!” She took a small bite into one of a smooth, squishy grape. It was a juicy explosion of flavors and colors. It reminded her of when instead of going to school every single day, she would go grocery shopping with her mom. She would always eat all of the juicy green grapes before they got to the checkout line. She thinks about her mom, wishing they spent more time together like they did when she was little. She takes another bite into one of her delicious grapes. She finds an old photo album of her and her mom. She sees a picture of her on the first day of school. She wishes life was as easy as it was in Kindergarten.

BY Alaya Moore

There are many lessons to learn, and many are taught to us at a young age. The most important lesson we are taught is to be strong, to be dedicated to what we believe in… to set goals and stick to them. But with life's challenges, failure, laziness, and hate we can end up forgetting that one important lesson. We can become unreliable, unappreciative and lethargic. Our life is a rose, so delicate but strong-willed at the same time. We can destroy a rose easier than we can grow one, but with hard work, dedication, and passion you could make your delicate rose the most beautiful flower in the garden. As you figure out how to grow the rose you could help other smaller, weaker roses to bloom and shine like you.


Rising above me

Unique painting in the sky

Different every day

━ Anonymous

It’s not as easy as it looks

How do you express yourself? Do you wear bold hair,dark eyeliner or do you try to fit in try to wear everything that everyone else is? Try having a twin. You’re not the same size as her. Why don’t you have that shirt? t’s things I’ve heard a lot lately. Going into middle school more people look at me and my twin and see the differences.They think being a twin would be spectacular , but to be honest it’s not as “spectacular” as you may think.

Do you like when people point out differences in you and someone else? Probably not. Well, it is the same for me.I try to explore what I like, compared to what my identical twin likes, I like blue; she likes pink.Everyone thinks I am more of a tomboy. Maybe I am sometimes, but I do like to look individual and mature sometimes. Personally, I like to be my own person and not let anyone control me and make me someone I am not. Not even my identical twin can do that.

By: Anon

by Anon

My head is aching
My brain is throbbing stressfully
one million thoughts.

You feel like you have a million things to do, You shrink into your thoughts and feel so small in big thoughts. You are a speck of dust. You stress out when you have a test or too much homework. My advice would be to calm down and take your time, don't rush, shrink your thoughts, and get to work. The more time you waste the sooner your battery dies. It's about getting the hard work done. All your thoughts vanish, and you will feel organized and complete.


Who am I to tell you you are wrong? To tell you what to do? To tell you what is wrong and what is right? Who am I to tell you what you like? Who am I to tell you who you are? Or command you? I hurt you. I did not care about you. Who am I to tell you who to hang out with? To tell you no one cares? And say terrible things to you? I am not your friend. But I was. Who am I to take care of you? Who am I to tell you to be yourself? To bring you up when you fall down? I told you to choose what is right to you. I helped you. I am your friend. I have learned that. You are you, and I can’t control that, and I shouldn’t. I am your friend. But I was not.

Then you changed. You accepted my apologies, then you changed. Who are you to tell me my intelligence? Or tell me what to do? You told me I never cared. Well, I did. Who are you to hurt me? To make me weak? To leave me? You were my friend. But now you are not. Who are you? Who am I? Why were we friends? Were we ever friends? Who were you? Who was I? I was me. And you were you.

I thought the pain of you stabbing me in the back was unbearable, but that, that was no match to what you did next. You spreading those rumors? It was terrible, I thought I would die. I never kissed her! I would never beat him up! I wasn’t harassing anyone! Who are you to do that? A monster? A person with a broken heart? No, I think, a person that is nothing. Who are they to listen? Who are they to believe? Or tell me my intelligence? Who are they to tell me my weight? They to kicked me when I was down. They to beat me. Who are they to do this? They are sheep...You are the dog...I am the little lamb left behind. And hurt...Betrayed. The dog bit me. The sheep listened to the dog. The sheep betrayed the little lamb. Why would you do this? For revenge? Wasn’t it enough revenge to hurt me? Make me feel weak? Then leave me? Even the rest of my friends betrayed me because of you. Then I had nothing. I had to move.

New place, new friends, new people, new school. I’m glad I moved. Do I miss you? Yes. Do I want to go back? No. Do I hate you? Yes. Do I hate everyone there? Hate is a strong term to use for everyone, and they were listening to you, but yes I do. I understand why you did it now. You had to cause as much pain to me as I did to you. You can’t trust anyone to forgive you, especially when you hurt them. I learned that too. Who am I? Who are you? I am me. And you...are...you.
Who? Aiden W.


It’s funny how deeply caring about one special thing can bring so much hate upon you,

No one should have to go through the horrific troubles of being different than what others expect you to be,

Tears are shed for a reason, not just out of necessity,

The universe is ever expanding, how silly just to reside in one section of it,

Everyone has reasons for their actions, if you don’t, then you’re not living life with a purpose,

You are meant to be on this world for a reason, no matter what others, or even yourself, tells you,

Never give up, even in the most desolate and disastrous moment of your life,

Your heart is a butterfly, it is small and wants to be more than it is, but can broadcast a ripple effect across the entire world,

It’s perfectly alright to be yourself,

If you think about it, life is only a few short minutes,

Find your strength, my fellow human, you can make it.

- Andrew Kolasky

Pop Tarts

The Screech of her morning alarm awoke the house, shattering the peaceful quiet. Sidney sluggishly got out of bed, carrying the dread of school on her shoulders. She hated school, mostly because she constantly got put down from her fellow peers. it wasn’t her fault for her appearance, and the fact that she was smart and got mostly A’s was even worse; everyone called her a nerd and made her do their homework. The only thing that brought her joy was her breakfast in the morning. She then remembered that her mother had bought a fresh package of cookies and cream Pop Tarts. Sidney whirled downstairs to her kitchen and pulled out the perfect glistening pouch. She popped the square pastries in the toaster. She loved how the creamy filling tasted when it was warm. She jumped when the toaster spit out the Pop Tarts, and then she immediately put them on a plate and scarfed them down. The warm pastry was gooey, sweet, and most importantly, it never made fun of her. The Pop Tarts were the only things that she enjoyed anymore. Her friends had turned on her and used what she trusted them with against her. That day at school it seemed like she was treated worse than any other day. She just wished that she could have a friend like a Pop Tart, warm, kind, and accepted her for who she was.
external image T8LkahDR68O8yi0tZOLSgPFx3mLdAk-d6af8jLdDWpdeMn0tpSB3lhNxdtkTaq7sFOU527js4-8WDWrG7PyJXfdOIRdFeCe--kYavKRYr8KYqqrctelOo41MLNiIz0gZgGCTRB5T

By: Anon

By Christopher Carleton

Bad times are deep, dark, endless caves, but this is our reality. Good times are a luxury, that should be our reality. The truth is we are relieved to have a good day because a normal day is like being whipped by your dad’s belt. We can end this heart stopping truth; it is possible. Humanity hasn’t fallen off the cliff yet; but we are hanging on to that last knot of the rope. If we keep up our horrid acts, our corporate ways, humanity will fall into a deep, dark, and never ending cave. If we pull each other up instead of knocking each other farther down, humanity can survive. The people that just sit there and ignore what’s happening are just as bad as the ones who cause harm. If we let people get knocked into the cave we might as well just walk into it ourselves.

As humans we are not determined enough to save this world, to save our kind; we are just slipping further down the rope with no care in the world. People get “stabbed” every day by the bad people while the “good” do nothing, except watch. So are they really the good people? All people from newborns to the people in their last few days need to help people climb up and inspire others to help them pull. This may be something to get upset about. People might complain about these “horrible” people, but all the work they do stops once they close their mouths. They aren’t grabbing the rope and pulling up; they are simply grabbing the rope and sliding down. Our world, our kind isn’t too far gone but unless we take a stand, we might as well be. Everybody has a purpose; everyone alive deserves to live; everyone can climb up that rope, but not if no one is on the other end helping. Life is short but every second you live affects people; it is your job to make it worthwhile.

By: Anon


Cracked hands, frigid winds.

Winter is calling your name.

The season of snow.

Missed Opportunities

Reaching, almost there,

fingertips at the surface,

then it slips away.


The sweetest scent of spring.

Blooming beautifully,

a splendid canvas.

Silent screams, Hopeless cries
Cold hospital bed neatly made
Black roses and cold tears

The Meet
Swimmers take your mark
the ring of the buzzer lingers
faster, faster won.

Middle School
Bell rings, we scramble
Don't forget to turn that in
On to the next class

By: Kayla Thomas

Grab the mocking dice
The snake eyes are stalking me
Your pockets empty

The stars are aligned
To form my zodiac sign
The Aquarius

Immobile body
Confusing TV inside
My dreams are messed up

By: Amanda Abbott

Winter Haiku

The future seems dark
but still a small, dim light shines
the world is happy

An icicle hangs high
on the cold, dark helpless home
that never had any love

the chimney with smoke
that was so high in the sky
began to fall like bricks

a sticky lollipop
hang loosely from a child's shirt
where he could not reach

Gentle snow falling down
On the masterpiece of the earth
under a white blanket

All In Description

By:Aden Scruggs

I barely made it out alive, barely saved from becoming walker chow. The group? My parents ...They are either eating people or being eaten.The horde was so big it encompassed the entire town. All I have left is a garlic bread pizza. As I bit into it I tasted the buttery goodness of the garlic bread crust and the spicy tang of the habanero sauce. This is all I have left of the old world. Now it’s time to let go and face the new one.

external image Bil5zmPwTspD9qhUIEhwBbRrtiprUmTvstnVUZNa7aAI3LsvxQRoPcrIMj11FRPV65KxYXZuhKl6bWXppsv1BPCumaJV_ASyT-D8ODBUgki9h809Yry9I5o8Mc150Ft_uRiVTyJK

The teams are ready
The ref blows the start whistle
We rush to the ball

The ball is airborne
The ball bounces off my head
It goes into the net

I walk through the doors
The smell of old books hits me
It smells of adventure

By Hamzah Alkhawaldeh

Dark Days
Rain pours down on me
It’s taunting me I hate it
It knows what happened...
external image OuPIXUgNARBaYIfN7D9AFV0-_WBryHV9YUfYrm0nyTv9Z-NvcyrJMSJklEAWFwkHTTA2leE-1BkFJ4LdwMTDPi-r0g6wHxRipm-ScoWxfLPGEDVzFvILjm5PdF_bw4u1hBwbJkIl

Favorite Food
Ramen beef noodles
Yummy brown noodle broth
eat it all day long
external image i7vMmeUym6lzdi-kxsPYrL9WXwE5v1NTzNlGs2yqgejKgrkU3j2CAryMDzisZ1ZiZKiAJO4eDJ65GDjDDLyF4D_WB0RPdSn6zdjTbvxddTuB-p4Ec-Er5QZpg8gydm-GZdr4n0Qq

Long Ago
Lazer swords clashing
It was a long time ago
And far, far away
external image sgPYgbJjZS9qfEl70UL-HwZmmQHJ5nbrv6AqsSXOwhyjbHqANGRp3nbrwghASFznZBmQblQBaXuzXCbJGIbjsXRe3Fmzo2f8Pe7zYcuXLuasAmUj1F0_vp-_eV0qHdHyntEdVNka

At the Movies
Comfy seats, dim lights
Popcorn’s smell is in the air
Shh! It’s starting


What I want to get over with is the pain and sorrow that crashes through my life in unexpected ways. My life was changed when I lost my feline friend. Things started going nuts, and I can’t explain them all at once. It was a sunny day in July when all was well and bright…
“This breakfast is delicious, Mom!” I said. Mom said, “Well, I’m glad to hear that.” As soon as I was done with my breakfast, I went searching for my cat, Marian. I searched high and low but I couldn’t find her. “She is probably somewhere in this house.” I mumbled beneath my breath. “Hey, Mom, have you seen Marian?” I asked. “ Honey, I have something to tell you,” Mom said. I got a little worried then. She motioned toward the couch and I sat down with her. Mom waited. So I waited too. She took a deep breath and started to speak. “We found Marian dead in the basement.” I couldn’t move.

By: Anonymous

All about me

My favorite things about myself is being kind, respectful to others and being generous. These things are important because when you grow up and get a job you will need to know how to work with others and be kind and respectful and carry those life skills with you and treat others how you would like to be treated. You would also have to be generous because generous begins with treating each person as though they have already achieved the potential for greatness that is in every one of us. All these things are also important because you could set a great example for others and they can set a great examples for more people and many people will get inspired.

by: Malak Widdi

Be thankful for
everything be generous. * Be respectful to the people around you.
external image nNQUOmlv0l_HNamNEMBB-pYlkorZSTT2dIA5iqx04X9WNrmtsno0oq58DMziEeFVmwx4STnrfRs1Ry6cB-99IQvfqNQ4DeERGLJEjp8jJkcyI_b6OU2hZLJd75cTiro4oUsCQUI2external image c1IXFr-dRSvEQKAKwPXeGeKQiwwAcG7VErQyHBJ5oPX3zxu-DjVCacInqKAsOdqrG8u3ifCsyFDC_xCeaT4TMfHld39KI3YPx7Mdv4ZE05TtZHKT-zTybZeRg7A-MAa_KgkKtVgo

help each other.
Even though life is bad for some people you have to hope that things can get better.If you have anger,fear we all do. That's when we have to try.We all have to have love and forgiveness. Sometimes we are selfish and greedy.Sometimes we have to sacrifice things that we don't want to but that's for the best for our world.We all have to tell the truth. It hurts to tell but we all have to get through this.We have to listen to people's sayings. Once this is over we will all have relief.
by anon


Be strong. Live to the fullest that you can be.

Your vulnerability is not your weakness; therefore, it is your strength and the strongest one you will ever contain. When a person breaks you down because of your weakness you stand up and you stand to show them that even when you were in a dark place you found light, and you succeeded to become better than when you were before. Rise up when you are in darkness and become the light that you need to be and that other people need you to be too.

Mountain Dew Commercial

by Ryan Heatherly

I’m riding a bike through the woods and I hear something behind me so I go and look and it was a cooler...a cooler filled with cold Mountain Dew. Then a bear came out of nowhere and tried attacking me so I grabbed a Mountain Dew, and I chugged it. The bright lime green drink was energizing and tasty After I chugged I I fought the bear AND WON. From that day on I always drink Mountain Dew just in case something ever happens.


Be respectful and you will get

good out of it. Show respect to

people who don't deserve it.

Respect is an important thing

to have in your life. Respect

is the first thing you should

give someone.
by Danya Elkhatib

The story of an unfortunate pretzel

When I woke up I was confused, stiff and I felt like I had stayed out in the sun too long. Then I remember, the girl I’ve been teasing at school came to my house and turned me into dough. Yup, that’s my good luck for you, she's a literal witch. Yay, me. Now I’m in some sort of chip bag. Well, I’ going to have to get out of here somehow. I look around and realize that I’m laying on a pile of pretzels. How come I can’t smell them you ask? well, pretzels don’t have noses. Yeah, I’m a pretzel now. At least I still have my brain. I wonder if I can use sheer willpower to grow little pretzel arms and legs because I don’t know how far I’m going to get just rolling around. Here we go, Okay, just concentrate. I tell myself. I can do this, Mmmhhhhhhhh Aaaaarrrrr.

Well, no surprise, it didn’t work. Now Plan B comes into play. I roll to one side of the bag slowly, then I roll really fast towards the other side and ram into the side of the bag. It jerks to the side and a group of pretzels fall on top of me. I roll around trying to get back to the top. Suddenly the bag is picked up and thrown into something, we start moving. Then, it clicks, I’m at the grocery store. Oh, god! what have I gotten myself into? The cart keeps rolling through the store as stuff is piled on top of me. In the bag something starts moving. Could it be another victim of that witch? my thoughts were cut off by a voice. “Hello?” I didn’t even realize that I had a mouth. “What’s up?” I call casually as if I wasn’t a pretzel at the time just waiting to be eaten. I roll over to where I thought the other was. “Hey, just in case I’d like to confirm that I am indeed a talking pretzel and this is not a dream.”
“I wish it were a dream but you get used to it," the other pretzel said.
"What’s your name?” I politely ask.
“Miranda, and you?” she replies.
“Well, I guess we’re stuck here unless we figure out a way to get free,” she concludes.
I bring her up to date on our situation. We devise a plan so that when the person opens the bag we roll away. I know it’s not the best but our only other option is to get eaten or go to the bottom of the pile and get eaten last. We decide to rest up and try to go to sleep but apparently pretzels don’t sleep. So now I’m staring at the ceiling of the bag I’m trapped in wondering if I’m ever going to get out. If I did get eaten, would it hurt. Just then our bag is picked up and jostled around, light shines through and I look over at Miranda. I now notice how weird we look. Okay, now or never. I let out a battle cry and roll out of the bag onto the floor. I roll away until I’m under the table, safe. I look back expecting that Miranda followed, she didn’t. Crap. I see a fat lady sitting on the couch eating, guess who, Miranda. Well, she didn’t last long. I hear sniffing and turn around. I’m looking at a cute dog’s nose. Well the dog would’ve been cute if it wasn’t about to eat me. The dog licked me up. That’s my tale of how I was turned into a pretzel, eaten by a dog, and now being digested waiting to be digested.

-Anna Sarantos.