Our Mission:
The mission of the NOMS Writing Center is to foster in our students an appreciation for the act of writing while teaching them the skills necessary for writing success in high school, college, and beyond.

Our Core Values:
  • Writing is an expression of who we are as well as what and how we think.
  • Writing encourages critical and creative thinking.
  • When meaningful teacher and peer feedback is given, students are more likely to take a greater interest and enjoyment in their writing.
  • Modeling is one of the best ways to teach students how to write.
  • Reading regularly from a variety of literary and informational texts leads to better writing.
  • Learning to write well requires a positive learning environment where students work individually as well collaboratively.

Our Goals:
  1. We will engage in writing as a personally meaningful and rewarding experience.
  2. We will write with confidence for a number of academic as well as non-academic purposes.
  3. We will conscientiously apply concepts related to writing craft and conventions within a variety of contexts.
  4. We will work with our peers and our teachers to improve our writing.
  5. We will use mentor texts as role models for writing.

  1. We will embrace writing as an expression of who we are, what we believe, and how we think.
  2. We will identify ourselves as critical and creative writers.
  3. We will co-teach writing in order to draw on the individual strengths of each teacher engaged in the instruction, differentiate writing instruction based on student need, model writing as a meaningful, even collaborative activity that teachers as well as students engage in, and finally create an atmosphere at NOMS reflective of a community of writers.
  4. We will standardize expectations for our students’ writing by using common language to talk about the content, craft, and conventions of writing.
  5. We will provide students with access to technology in order to publish and disseminate their writing.
  6. We will seek out mentor texts to use with our colleagues and our students to advance our abilities as writers.
  7. We will create a positive learning environment where our students feel welcomed and affirmed.